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Having accurate and instant monthly accounts is key to managing your business in the hospitality industry. This is done with some simple tasks carried out at the month end. A clean stock take is very important along with up-to-date information from your suppliers. We can help and train your staff with the stock take and to get these reports.

Established in 1989, looking after the interests of Clubs, Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels. Cater Control “drills deep” into the financial heart of the hospitality outlet. Over thirty years of experience gives us a vast knowledge base of the best rates of everything related to the industry, from 8oz Sirloin steaks to latest salary for bar managers and chefs.

We have always treated the three areas of labour, suppliers and overheads as distinct separate cost centres that need their own special attention. Continuously homing in on costs, with our dynamic reporting tools. We strive to get the max return from well earned income.

Continuously homing in on costs, with our dynamic reporting tools. We strive to get the max return from well earned income.


Prior to the pandemic, a labour cost of 29% was the target and achievable in most outlets. We have seen this grow since the restrictions were lifted and businesses reopened. The industry is now working towards a target of 32% to 33%. We can’t stress how important it is to keep within this boundary.

When entering your data remember labour costs and percentages are always based on the total cost to the company of the individual member of staff. This is their gross wages for that period plus the employer’s contributions.

Fees or wages paid to non-operational directors are recorded in overheads

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Having accurate stock figures is paramount to the running of your business and it starts with a clean start/finishing line. Knowing the exact value of stock at the end of one’s trading period is the bedrock of sound management and decision making. Having your stock counted internally or using external stock takers is extremely important and forms the key marker when managing your purchasing and suppliers.

Traditionally this figure had a target of 30%, but the increase in labour costs over the last year has meant that this area has had to be reduced to a cost, closer to 28%. This is split between food and beverage where food tends to produce a higher margin.

In preparation for the period end, the method of counting and valuation of all stock for resale needs to be planned so there is not a delay in finalising this departments reports.

The sales figures here are all net of VAT

The purchases figures for the period are net of VAT less credits due for returned or damaged stock.

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All data and figures on our reports are net of VAT. When imputting the expenses, one will have to annualise that category for the year and divide it back into the chosen accounting period.

These figures need to be continuously updated every time an invoice comes in from a supplier. In some cases, the figure will be an agreed budget amount that will be spent seasonally or and invoice that is paid once a year.

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The net sales for this report are inputted at the supplier’s level and we are aiming to achieve a net return of 15% or greater. The “drill down alalysis” takes place back in the three cost centres where we concentrate on reducing our costs through smarter purchasing, menu and roster management and very close analysis of the overheads.

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