Tue, 14/11/2017 – 17:03

Cater Control was established in May 1989

Since the first day of trading our commitment has been to to provide an honest and consistent review of how efficient your stock management really is!

Our young professional team of stock takers can carry out an accurate count of all your food and beverage stock, providing you with a detailed stock report on the precise evening of the stock take.

Our goal is to ensure our clients are achieving their maximum gross return on all products for re-sale. The fact that we look after the interests of over 60 establishments in Dublin means we are 100% up to date with the daily fluctuating wholesale food prices.  On a weekly basis we perform a fresh markets analysis that highlights price flucutations in fruit & veg, meat and poultry.

On the beverage side of your operation we can identify and eliminate any discrepancies that can occur through pilferage or wastage.  Whether you are buying or selling, or need ongoing assistance, we can help!

We will visit your business at a mutually convenient time, count the stock and process any paperwork. We produce a report on site that will give you a comprehensive run-down on your business and how it is performing.  We then discuss any relevant points raised and leave you to enjoy the increased profitability and knowledge that you are firmly in control of your business.


Cater Control’s detailed but concise reports show how your business is performing, allowing immediate reaction. In an easy to understand format, our reports track all the key elements needed to maintain and improve profitability. Every stocktaking service is tailored to the client’s needs and include:

• Food & Liquor Reporting • Business Transfer Valuations
• Multi Bar and consolidated reports • Financial Year End Certificates
• EPOS tracking and comparison • In-House Stocktaking Systems
• Financial period revaluations • Surplus/Deficit reporting
• Individual product line GP% • Advice and Consultation
• Electronic transfer of results • Stock control staff meetings