About Us

Cater Control was established in 1989 to offer a comprehensive and efficient stocktaking service to the hospitality sector.

Our goal is to ensure our clients are achieving their maximum gross return on all products for re-sale. The fact that we look after the interests of a myriad of establishments in Dublin means we are 100% up to date with daily fluctuating wholesale food prices.

On the beverage side of your operation we can identify and eliminate any discrepancies that can occur through pilferage or wastage.

Cater Control offers all clients a full SAME DAY Food and Liquor Stocktaking Service.



Your business is constantly changing to suit the seasons,
culinary fashions or even the latest food fad.

We will remain impartial, consistent and honest when reviewing
your purchases at all times to ensure your business is efficient.


Our job is not to weave a fairy tale but to provide an honest and
consistent review of how efficient your stock management really is.

Our job is to take the tedious and laborious task of Stock Taking off
your list of things to do – You Cook, We Count!


We will be at your place of work before you and will deliver reports
that are honest, thorough and relevant in the most efficient fashion.

We will keep you informed about where to buy and when to ensure
your margins remain consistent and healthy

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